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By Michael Brannon
June 27, 2022

Static QR Codes are free.

We/us (Etch Encoder® - A Solution Offered By Titus Media Solutions, LLC.) fund this by ads that are shown solely on the generator website. Static QR Codes are free and completely stand-alone, without any reference or dependency on our Service. That's because they encode any content directly. So technically they are completely independent of us, once created.

Dynamic QR Codes are tied to your account.

Dynamic QR Codes encode a link to our Service which serves the actual content. That allows you to update the content of a Dynamic QR Code at a later point in time and see scan statistics. We do not limit the number of scans of your Dynamic QR Codes. The lifetime of Dynamic QR Codes is tied to the subscription or trial plan of your account. When canceling your plan or closing your account, you may lose access to your Dynamic QR Codes.

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